Why I gave up #alcohol

Honestly, I still remember the bitter, cold taste. The burn in my chest. The sweet runs of wine river along my taste buds. See, after three years I still remember the taste like a bold imprint suppressed in my memory. Like, me running for a place to hide not realizing suppressing gives oxygen for the pain to return again. I gave up! The one thing I am happy to have quit. I gave up mostly because my kids were getting wet by my storm. Easy. Yet…It. Was. Hard. Believe me, it literally took me to reach disgust to say no more. It took me to be all the way fed up with myself to say no more! I simply didn’t have self-control some days and those days were hell. Listen, I am grateful, and I hope that my story can enlighten anyone who may be in need. Today, marks three years alcohol-free and I have always wanted to start a blog. My blog will give you poetry, healing tips and creativity. Much more to say, until then cheers to my first blog post and more to come! ♡

4 thoughts on “Why I gave up #alcohol

  1. Great read 🙌🏾 That’s one hell of a testimony and truly something many that deal with addiction can learn from and lean on.


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