Tonight’s Full Moon Inspo

The most beautiful thing about a full moon
Is the energy fueling souls with natures choice
It’s the connection of unsaid words that wonder without a mind
It’s mindfulness mending the body with a harmony of peace
Inspiring peace
Like, a calm transition
Or the admiration of each phase before it’s full…as if it ate
Or the beauty of light reflecting far off into the offing
See, even the ocean becomes a stage for just a moment
Where the moonlight paints across the canvas waters
And cameras capture something only the eyes can truly appreciate See, the moon gives off an inspiration of change
Like making sense of our lives
Because life is a story calculated in chapters
A thesis… forever changing, forever subtracting and adding
So, you see how sometimes it’s a problem
But mostly a language
And mostly, the subject or a sequel of your life’s story illuminating change like the phases of the moon ♡

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