poems. ♡

be like. field day. or notebook paper awaiting chaos to form into beautiful choregraphy. like pain announcing new members to journals willing to listen to our stories. deep. like the intertwine of two bodies meeting ecstasy. these poems are orgasmic pieces. parts of peace and promising promotions awarded in creativity. poems. pack more than punchesContinue reading “poems. ♡”

Healthy Reminder 🦋

“No longer” drifts away like music whispering mid-air. Like, walking away from the noise until the volume is 0. Until the volume in your heart has healed itself. Drifting… isn’t a sad thing. It’s leaving when the story says turn the page or you’ll be torn on this page. It’s realization for your revelations. It’sContinue reading “Healthy Reminder 🦋”

Healthy Reminder 🦋

When you’re truly met by your next level of growth, nothing in the past will be interesting. The past did its job teaching you and now you must focus on the present to continue the mission you were called here to do. We were all brought here to love but through internal wars some ofContinue reading “Healthy Reminder 🦋”

Faith > Fear

I wonder if every time fear dances inside the eyes of your pupil… Will you believe the illusion dimming the resolution to your days? Will you dissolve in doubt or find faith, not as a person, but the unknown in every step taken Like, doing exactly what you want without hesitation meeting your confidence… IContinue reading “Faith > Fear”

Why I gave up #alcohol

Honestly, I still remember the bitter, cold taste. The burn in my chest. The sweet runs of wine river along my taste buds. See, after three years I still remember the taste like a bold imprint suppressed in my memory. Like, me running for a place to hide not realizing suppressing gives oxygen for theContinue reading “Why I gave up #alcohol”