poems. ♡

be like. field day. or notebook paper awaiting chaos to form into beautiful choregraphy. like pain announcing new members to journals willing to listen to our stories. deep. like the intertwine of two bodies meeting ecstasy. these poems are orgasmic pieces. parts of peace and promising promotions awarded in creativity. poems. pack more than punches or juice. they bring flavor to any setting. like an exchange of energy for energy. i remind you we write poems for multiple reasons but not to keep us divided. poets bare souls with words willing to leap off the mountain of our tongues. we writers are bold in skin. because we too are poems in body language.

Hello October

October writes the introduction of Autumn
Where the season edits itself into orange hues
Diffuse fresh air like incense
Like inhale….you feel it
Cool, calm and a sip of the present moment
Vintage sweaters and your choice of warm in hand
It’s traveling to an abundant state of mind
Of new energy and new growth
This season is connection to all things thankful
To all things harvested with love 🍂

Healthy Reminder 🦋

“No longer” drifts away like music whispering mid-air. Like, walking away from the noise until the volume is 0. Until the volume in your heart has healed itself. Drifting… isn’t a sad thing. It’s leaving when the story says turn the page or you’ll be torn on this page. It’s realization for your revelations. It’s sometimes “finally” if ever you forgot how to trust yourself. “No longer” doesn’t say anything bad when it understands the assignment is simply absolute.♡

Healthy Reminder 🦋

When you’re truly met by your next level of growth, nothing in the past will be interesting.

The past did its job teaching you and now you must focus on the present to continue the mission you were called here to do.

We were all brought here to love but through internal wars some of us are battling the self. Love is the game changer. Love brings you back to wholeness. Love just feels right for your frequency. Choose love and you’ll always sharpen your energy. Love and GROW some more ♡

The love of Autumn

Autumn is the gospel of seasons
Sweet in spice and sound in every intentional movement
I love it
The gentleness
Cozy sweaters and warm sun
Like, warm tea
And a gather of love
It’s us and we
More or less
It’s thrifting colors in green
Autumn is a happy theme of oh happy days
Like, a choir of joy to acquire your joy
It’s a peaceful place applauding vintage aesthetics
Like, artwork and eyesights in admiration
Or displays of lessons to never be touched again
So museum…
Yet, entertaining great change in great colors
Orange hues and a harvest of gratitude
Autumn gives word to the wise
Stay insulated with love and this will lead you
Keep mints of appreciation and this will refresh you…right back to the present moment ♡

Tonight’s Full Moon Inspo

The most beautiful thing about a full moon
Is the energy fueling souls with natures choice
It’s the connection of unsaid words that wonder without a mind
It’s mindfulness mending the body with a harmony of peace
Inspiring peace
Like, a calm transition
Or the admiration of each phase before it’s full…as if it ate
Or the beauty of light reflecting far off into the offing
See, even the ocean becomes a stage for just a moment
Where the moonlight paints across the canvas waters
And cameras capture something only the eyes can truly appreciate See, the moon gives off an inspiration of change
Like making sense of our lives
Because life is a story calculated in chapters
A thesis… forever changing, forever subtracting and adding
So, you see how sometimes it’s a problem
But mostly a language
And mostly, the subject or a sequel of your life’s story illuminating change like the phases of the moon ♡

Faith > Fear

I wonder if every time fear dances inside the eyes of your pupil… Will you believe the illusion dimming the resolution to your days? Will you dissolve in doubt or find faith, not as a person, but the unknown in every step taken Like, doing exactly what you want without hesitation meeting your confidence…

I wonder…. if every time fear finds the door to your negative committee… Will you welcome in the whale of war that swallows every jewel of joy? See, the mind has many faces and faces many obstacles Only if you choose the plate catered to your fears…

Be mindful in all you do. But, most importantly, remember to hold onto the rails of faith even if you can’t feel it. Just know that life will still develop even if the Polaroid wasn’t what you pictured. ♡

Why I gave up #alcohol

Honestly, I still remember the bitter, cold taste. The burn in my chest. The sweet runs of wine river along my taste buds. See, after three years I still remember the taste like a bold imprint suppressed in my memory. Like, me running for a place to hide not realizing suppressing gives oxygen for the pain to return again. I gave up! The one thing I am happy to have quit. I gave up mostly because my kids were getting wet by my storm. Easy. Yet…It. Was. Hard. Believe me, it literally took me to reach disgust to say no more. It took me to be all the way fed up with myself to say no more! I simply didn’t have self-control some days and those days were hell. Listen, I am grateful, and I hope that my story can enlighten anyone who may be in need. Today, marks three years alcohol-free and I have always wanted to start a blog. My blog will give you poetry, healing tips and creativity. Much more to say, until then cheers to my first blog post and more to come! ♡